Digitalization of HR Processes 

Are you looking for a technology provider that can automate your HR processes? 

What is TMDigital? 

TMDigital is a  digital solution that transforms HR processes and services from a heavy manual process to a digitally based environment.   

Aseametrics is here to help companies build a strategy map for their HR digitalization and digital transformation journey. 

We make use of Design Thinking, Value Stream processes and Agile methodologies to achieve the Customer journey roadmap. 

Aseametrics also offers  a fully digital end-to-end Human Capital Management (HCM) System from Talent Development and on to Talent Management.  

Companies can integrate their existing systems into the HCM System of Aseametrics.  Aseametrics’  HCM System offering can be on-prem or cloudbased Software as a Service) through monthly subscription pricing model. 

What are the components of TMDigital? 

  • Records Management 201 
  • Leave Management 
  • Payroll 
  • Biometric-based Attendance Management 
  • Employee Self-service System Paperless Operation 
  • On-line assessment 
  • Learning Management System 
  • Dashboard and Analytics 

What’s in it for you? 

Through digitalization, HR services are easily accessible by employees and the efficiency of HR services are significantly improved, thus giving employees a more personalized, fast and positive user experience. 

The following are the benefits of TMDigital: 

  • Empower your HR department: The role of HR is moving away from an administrative one to that of a more strategic, leadership-oriented nature. 
  • Decentralize your HR departmentHCM technology aids in decentralization mainly by offering self-service options that give more power to your employees. 
  • Increase your employee engagement With a cloud-based solution, you can tailor your HR  services to your employees needs thus, help you quickly and easily engage your workforce and communicate information. 
  • Create scalability of your operationsThrough digitalization,  HR can easily scale and update its workforce management, acquisition and optimization to meet those changing standards. 
  • Cut costs, not cornersWith your payroll services, employee benefits services and HR management all rolled into one digital platform, you’ll save time. And, as everyone knows,: save time and you’ll save money. 
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