Talent Management Set-Up and Consulting

Are you encountering bad attrition at the high-potential group?

Are you experiencing middle-management vacuum?

Are you looking for a consulting firm that can help you set up your Talent Management program to address these issues?

We have the solution and consulting team for you.

What is TMConsult?

TMConsult is a solution that provides the model, techniques, tools and consultants to fast track your Talent Management initiative. We apply proven best practices on TM from identification of organization’s readiness and success indicators, policy formulation, advocacy and communication, identification of mission-critical positions, on to talent assessment, development and program monitoring and evaluation.

We also provide executive briefing and training to leaders on the “Leader-Led Talent Management” to ensure that the TM program will be viewed as a business strategy, and driven by the executives.

What’s in it for you?

  • Helps the organization fulfill its vision with the help of efficient and promising talented people.
  • Assists the organization to build a talent pool comprising a list of talented people to meet future exigencies.
  • Makes the organization more competitive and progressive.
  • Paves the way for future leadership
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