Conversational Workbots for HR

Are you experiencing challenges in connecting and building rapport with your candidates and employees?

Are you planning to build “brains” for the company’s knowledge management initiative?

Are you looking for a technology partner to support this initiative?

We have the solution and consulting team for you.

What is TalentBots?

TalentBots is a solution that can help you promote engagement of your candidates and employee through an innovative and sustainable AI-based platform solution. In partnership with Botspice, we can support you from planning, system roll-out, on to monitoring and evaluation of its impact on people.

It will enable your team to rapidly create conversational “Workbots” supported by “Brains” (Natural Language Understanding data models) with an option for customization based on user requirements. The Workbots can be used by HR for talent engagement and upskilling of candidates and employees, and also for knowledge and customer management.

What’s in it for you?

  • Increase customer engagement and satisfaction levels.
  • Facilitate employee upskilling and engagement in cost-effective ways.
  • Avoid “brain drain” by systematically capturing institutional knowledge.
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