Assessment of Current Employees’ Capacity and Capability to Drive Business Strategy

Are you going through a business transformation and you will need to diagnose the strengths, weaknesses and motivation of your people?

Are you looking for a solution and consulting firm to provide third party audit of your people?

We have the solution and consulting team for you.

What is TalentAudit

TalentAudit is a consulting project to validate the capacity and capability of the workforce based on the desired success parameters for current and future business success. The project will be designed based on the talent risks the clients need to arrest, and the strategic directions of the company.

Our TalentAudit solution provides talent insights and foresights on:

  • Success Profiles Required: Tactical and Strategic
  • Potential and Competency levels of people in key positions
  • Talents who are ready to assume higher positions
  • Talents who need to be further developed
  • What learning and development programs to offer
  • Drivers of engagement and performance
  • When to buy, build, and borrow talents

What’s in it for you?

  • Ensure that the company has the right people at the right role at the right time
  • Identify the collective strength of the company, and create high-performance work culture
  • Enhance individual and team readiness to cope with business or organizational strategies, and the requirements of the future
  • Identify and minimize the talent risks of unforeseeable turnover, middle management vacuum, mismatch of competencies, among others
  • Enable the company to put the right focus and reallocate resources to achieve HR or other strategic objectives

Start Assessing your candidates today!

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