DARE Strategy

DARE Diagram with Design

We transform human capital through DARE STRATEGY.

Transforming human capital is a cyclical process that requires HR to review current competency model and  define  or re-define  a  new model,  and assess where talents are vis-à-vis the model’s success parameters.   Based on the results of the assessment, the next phase is to provide learning and development,  and engagement programs to realize the desired competency benchmarks,  and evaluate talent and organizational strategies based on its alignment with strategic directions and goals.

Aseametrics (HR Avatar Philippines) can support your company in its DARE journey through the following solutions:

TalentProfile: We can help you develop or rebuild your competency model by providing a proven simplified model, techniques, tools, and consultants to fast track your Competency Development project. We can provide quick applications of the outputs of the project for Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Learning and Development, and Succession Management.

TalentMatch: Powered by HR Avatar technology, a global assessment platform, we can provide online job-specific assessment designed for the requirements in the New Normal, with advanced remote proctoring facility and use of Artificial Intelligence.

TalentTrack: Through our consulting and technology partners, we can help you design and implement your Talent Management particularly your Succession Management program.

TalentDev: In partnership with Udemy, a global leader in e-learning solution, we can support your individual learning development program through access to more than 5000 online courses and readily available learning management system. We also have a mindset shift transformation program in partnership with Arbinger Institute.

TalentCareWe can help build positive emotional culture in your organization, while addressing pressing people-issues. Through our tools to regularly check employees’ emotional vibe, and interventions to address emotional and mental health issues,  we can help you improve your people’s engagement and productivity.

OrgDev: We can provide Organizational Development (OD) solutions to evaluate your company’s  organizational health using OD tools and consulting services to support your change management and organizational transformation initiatives.

TalentAudit: We can help you validate the capacity and capability of the workforce based on the desired success parameters for current and future success.  The project will be designed based on the talent risks need to arrest, and the strategic directions of the company.

TMConsult: We can fast track your Talent Management initiative by sharing best practices on TM from identification of organization’s readiness and success indicators, policy formulation,  advocacy and communication, identification of mission-critical positions, on to talent assessment, development and program monitoring and evaluation

TalentBot: We can help you promote engagement of your candidates and employee through an innovative and sustainable AI-based platform solution. In partnership with Botspice, we can support you from planning, system roll-out, on to monitoring and evaluation of its impact on people.

TMDigital:  We can provide an integrated digital solution to transform your HR processes and services from a heavy manual process to a digitally based environment.  We can help you build a strategy map for your HR digitalization and digital transformation journey using Design Thinking, Value Stream processes and Agile methodologies.

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